Getting a CCW permit Process Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

What you should know if you plan to get a CCW permit in Los Angeles County 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to process a record number of CCW permits applications in 2022. As crime rates rise, residents of Los Angeles County seek to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Sheriff Villanueva has set the wheels in motion for lawful issuance of concealed weapons permits in Los Angeles County. CCW applicants should be aware the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department is taking about 365 days to process an initial CCW application. There are some specific requirements to meet and process to navigate which are covered in this article.

Every year, thousands of people in California are prosecuted for illegal firearms possess and/or transportation. This article was written as general information and is in no way an to offer to provide legal advice. It is important for Californians to know the laws pertaining to legal possession and transportation of their firearms. Surprisingly even a minor, misdemeanor criminal conviction can cause the novice gun owner to lose their gun rights under new gun control laws signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. An in-advert violation of firearm transporting and possession laws may cause a gun owner to lose their future gun rights and thousands of dollars in legal defense expenses.

What does a CCW permit allow a permit holder to do?

A concealed carry permit allows a lawful permit holder to carry a loaded concealed weapon on their person in public. The permit is valid for 2 years statewide in California. In some cases, the issuing agency limits the permitted carry to the city or county of issuance. It is up to the permit holder to know where it is lawful to carry his/her gun concealed.

What does “CARRY” mean into context of handgun possession?

California Penal Code 25400, defines and regulates both concealed and open carry of handguns in California’s public places.

  1. Carry any concealed handgun in any vehicle under persons control or direction; or
  2. Carry any concealed handgun on your person; or
  3. Cause a handgun to be carried concealed in a vehicle where you are on occupant.

**These applies regardless of if the gun is “loaded” or “unloaded.”

If a California resident wishes to carry a gun in “public places” they must be issued a permit to do so. This article covers specific CCW topics and considerations for persons considering carrying a handgun in Los Angeles California.

What type of CCW training is mandated by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department?

Training can range from a minimum 8 hours to max 16 hours of mandated training with a written test requirement. “Live fire,” firearms qualification is pass or fail. Different guns can be used, and the applicant must fire 50 rounds with the primary handgun and 20 rounds with each secondary handgun. A total of 3 handguns can be added to the CCW permit.

How many guns can I get approved on a CCW?

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department currently offers up to, 3 handguns per CCW permit.

What is the Criteria for issuing a CCW in Los Angeles County?

By California law, Penal Code 26165, issuing law enforcement agencies must create and make available their official written policy explaining exactly what requirements are necessary for obtaining a conceal weapons permit. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office has posted its CCW requirements and process online.

Good Cause-

Historically, LASD has used this requirement to deny the majority of the CCW applications. The issuing agency determines what “Good Cause” qualifies. Sheriff Villanueva’s Sheriff department is making a good effort to widely grant a CCW to members of the community that wish to arm themselves.  Good Cause statements in writing, are an applicant’s best chance to clearly articulate why they should be issued a CCW permit.

            (**This requirement is no longer required or enforced due the Supreme Case ruling in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Vs. Bruen)

Good Moral Character-

This is a very vague requirement. Criminal convictions and arrests will be relevant in the application of this requirement.


The applicant must live or work in the jurisdiction where they are applying for a CCW. The County Sheriff and the municipal Chief of Police concur on CCW application process. Some Chief of police issue the license while others divert CCW applicants to the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Training Required-

The issuing agency will determine the training requirements and live fire qualification standard.


What laws affect CCW permit holders once they have their permit?


Penal Code 25400- Carrying a Concealed Handgun:

Penal Code 25100- Criminal Storage of a Firearm:

No consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs

Criminal Justice System


Use of force-

The only legal justification for using lethal force is the defense of self-defense. The caveat is that the defender must meet 5 critical elements to qualify for self-defense. Here are the elements for proper implementation of self-defense as a legal defense for the use of deadly force.

The 5 Common Elements necessary to implement Self Defense as legal defense:

  • Innocent- The defender cannot have started the altercation by either verbal or physical instigation.
  • Imminence- The threat must be real, in the moment and about to occur.
  • Proportionality- defensive lethal force can only be used to respond to an imminent lethal threat to the defender or other innocent party. Under common circumstances, punching or pushing are not considered life threatening attacks. O.C. Spray could be used as a proportional defense against and open hand attack.
  • Avoidance- in California defenders to not have the duty to retreat. However it will be hard to defend any use of force, if the Defender could have deescalated the altercation by simply deny the aggressor access. Case in point if you get out of your car to engage in a verbal altercation in traffic or exit the “safety” of your home, to engage with the aggressor on the sidewalk, you could have placed yourself in a position of greater risk of prosecution. It is a different scenario if you use lethal force to defend someone actively kicking-in your house door  versus going out to the front yard to engage in a verbal altercation with aggressor. Lethal force is justified when the victim must use it due to their circumstances not just because they “felt” legally justified in doing so.
  • Reasonable- A rational belief that force was necessary at the time it was utilized is another element. Other people facing the same scenario would consider the actions taken as reasonable.

The use of a firearm in a deadly encounter can have lasting effects and change the course of a person’s life. CCW holders should seek out proper training so that they understand the legal ramifications of implementing lethal force to defend themselves and their family. Andrew Branca has published a book, The Laws of Self Defense. He also offers online educational training that can keep the average CCW holder from making critical mistakes.

There are various training schools listed on the approved list of trainers for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. I went to Firearms Training Associates in Norco, CA for my initial CCW training course. This is not a paid endorsement, but I did enjoy training with them and found it valuable. However, do your research and find a reputable training facility that is a good fit for you.

  • Langosta hobby writer and Gun enthusiast.

California Hunting- Hunting Bear, Dear and Quail on Public Land

When you think about a hunting destination you think about Colorado Elk, White  Tail deer in Texas or the mountains of Pennsylvania. Truth is that California offers some awesome hunting. The destinations will take you to the Coastal mountains of Santa Catalina Island to the dark timber of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

California Deer Hunting Map

If you live in the Los Angeles Basin, day hunting trips are possible if you know where to go.

Vally of Los Padres national forest

In the valleys and rolling hills on the back side of Mount Pinos National Forrest hunters can find a plethora of game animals. I event better yet you can hunt several species during the same hunting season!

The area in I am referencing is known as D-13 for deer season. It covers Alamo mountain and the surrounding base valleys in the los padres national forest. From mid October through the first week of November, three popular hunting species are simultainouly in open season: Deer, Bear and quail.

It turns out that these species are also present in the same game area. The game area ranges in elevation of 4100 feet in the valleys and rolling hills and up in snow line at the top of Alamo mountain at 7300 feet at it peak.

Deer and Bear are often seen in the open parks browsing on grasses and roughage. Bears are both in the valleys and mountains. We geared up in the quads and trucks and headed to the forest in search of bear or deer sign.



I got the opportunity to sport my new RRGC hat. I was very high VIZ and comfortable all day! Thanks Defrost for the cool hats!


Club membersvisited the area in search of all 3 of these game species. “Phish” “Broken Arrow” and Ziva the “hunting dog,” went looking for birds in the valleys. It turns out that they ran in to some covey and the dog did hunt!

From the accounts of “Empty Clip,” the dog bumped every bird on the hillside, the only problem is that she was 400 yards ahead of the hunters. Looks like, “no-hunt” may not be a lap dog after all she just needs more training. Its good news!

“Broken Arrow” claimed ridge line and skillet shot 3 quail in one shot! The unfortunate thing is that they tumbled down the hillside and as his bird dog, I retrieved them for him.

“Claim Jumper” and I glassed from a top of a ridge. The views were amazing but not much was moving so we road our quads to check on a game camera.

When we got the game camera, this is what we found!

It was a quick weekend outing in the local mountains. Proof positive that fun and adventure is only a few hours away. Get out there and experience the great outdoors!

Members present
Phish, Empty Clip, Langosta, Broken Arrow, Claim Jumper.

Animals harvested:

Quail 7, 2 rabbits and that’s all folks!


Best African Plains Game Hunting Caliber- 300 Weatherby Magnum

The Legendary 300 Weatherby Hunting Cartridge was built for Big Game….Africa has Big Game

Thomas Weiland once said, “…only accurate rifles are interesting.” It’s true, accurate rifles are really interesting. My Weatherby will rival any rifle 3x the price. You don’t have to be a rich person to own a high performance rifle. My Weatherby Vanguard is proof-positive of this fact. This rifle shoots 1/2″ MOA groups with hunting loads. It is a Sub- MOA rifle out of the box. With a few enhancements this rifle is down right awesome. Thomas Weiland would be fascinated!

For those of us that covet rifles that deliver extreme performance, the Weatherby brand is well respected. Roy Weatherby introduced the 300 Weatherby cartridge in 1956. He tested the cartridge on North American big game like Elk and later in Africa on Plains Game. In this article I will share with you some of my most memorable moments shooting the 300 Weatherby.

Best hunting Rifle Set up- 300 Weatherby

Elk hunting is synonymous with the 300 Weatherby cartridge. When considering an Elk rifle, I purchased a Weatherby Vanguard rifle chambered in 300 Weatherby.  The Vanguard is an entry level production rifle. I purchased the Vanguard (Weatherby’s entry level model) for a modest $650.00 (back in 2010). I did have some modifications made at the Weatherby custom shop. I had them install a new trigger and muzzle break. I also had them laser etch my name on the bolt.

The rifle is topped with a Leupold VX-3 variable power up to 14x zoom. I had the ballistic turret calibrated for the Barnes 180 Grain TSX bullet. This scope magnification range offers the most versatility to be able to make a good placed shot at many different distances.

Hand loading the 300 Weatherby

Let’s be frank, for those that shoot factory ammo, you are only tapping into a small fraction of the performance. The ‘old timers’ know what Weatherby’s can do! Experienced hand-loaders get excited about the possibilities of a high capacity case matched with a high performance hunting bullet.  Once a rifle is matched with the perfect bullet weight and muzzle velocity, things really get interesting! Perfecting this combination in your rifle can be a tedious endeavor but it is absolutely worthwhiled.

I loaded a Barnes 180 Grain TSX bullet to a velocity of 2,900 feet per second. My load is very specific I used H4831 SC because it is not temperature sensitive. I also produced ignition with a standard deviation less that 20 feet per second in a 5-shot test volley. You may also want to consider H4350 for similar results.

The 300 Weatherby can be much faster, up to 3,200 feet per second. However, at faster velocities, I was not able to get the 180 grain bullet to stabilized and reach sub-MOA accuracy (my personal standard 1″ MOA or better at 100 yards). At long range, stability trumps speed.

At 2,900 FS, the 180 grain bullets produced sub-MOA groups.  This bullet and caliber combination produces very impress knock down performance on heavy game animals. The bullets are also lead free so no need to worry about lead exposure in your meat.

Hunting Africa with 300 Weatherby

When I purchased this rifle, I never imagined that it would travel to Africa with me. It turned out to be a great choice in both rifle caliber and rifle configuration. African hunting offers a wide range of terrain.

In many cases wide open prairies and open mountain terrain. The animals that live there are also heavy on the hoof. Mature Sables weight 400+ pounds and so do wildebeests!

Mountain Zebra are also found in the highlands. These animals can see you coming from miles away. Most animals have a safety zone of approximately 400-500 yards. The 300 Weatherby can close that gap and be the difference between a trophy of a lifetime or a disappointing shot spanking the dirt.

Longest Shot on Game Animals

Sable Antelope

Sable at 440 yards– it was the first animal I harvested in Africa. The shot presentation was less than ideal. The trophy Sable was quartering away and walking to the right. He was so far away, with the naked eye he was a black dot in the yellow grass. From the prone position on a termite mound, I let loose the shot. The Sable bull collapsed as the bullet entered below the spine and through his heart. The bull never got up due to the hydrostatic shock so closed to his spine. A second shot was to minimize suffering and grant him a clean kill.

Blue Wildebeest 400 yards- These animals are the true athletes of Africa. They can run for miles without stopping. They heard together and run in circles to raise a cloud of dust to cover their escape path.

It was at Hunters Hill that I first saw these amazing beasts. But it was on Tommy’s farm Thandeka, that I harvested my first wildebeest.


Tommy’s ranch is located in Limpopo near the Botswana boarder on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. The old bull had parted from the his heard. He was hanging around some impala when I first saw him. His body was large and his horns impressive. He was a skittish creature, cautious in how it moved though the bush veld. Its judgement bering years of wisdom of its age.

It would be 3 days later when I would see him again. My PH Barry saw the bull as he inched out of the thick bush veld.

Feeling safe because he was 400 yards away. he looked straight at me, frozen still. hoping that he would not be seen. From a braced position, I fired a shot that struck him high on the shoulder. It was a double lung shot!  He still ran 400 yards away before we found him expired in the tall grass.

Truly a tenacious animal. The wildebeest back-straps, were the best game meat I enjoyed in Africa.

Kudu 200 yards- The grey ghosts of Africa. For Americans the Kudu is much like the North American Elk. Not in its looks but in its elusive nature. These animals are very light footed for their size. They live in the mountains and travel many miles every day in search of green grass. They are some of the most sought after game animals in Africa by American hunters. They taste delicious but they are also an amazing game animals to hunt.

They live in beautiful habitats, they travel in small herds and they are cleaver. In the picture above, you see my PH Jason and Master Tracker Lucas glassing the valley looking for Kudu. The grass is about 750 yards from our vantage point. A challenging potential shot but very plausible with a 300 Weatherby.

It took me 7 days and hundreds of miles to find my trophy bull. We traveled to different ranches in search of my trophy Kudu.  We saw Kudu every day at different distances. My Professional Hunter Jason wanted a bull that had ivory tips that pointed forward. This would insure that he was a mature bull. Since I was there for 21 days, we had the luxury of time and could afford to be picky.

During those first 7 days, the shot presentation ranged from 400 to 800 yards.   So we traveled and we traveled to neighboring ranches in search for my grey ghost!

On the 8th day we traveled to Comre,  a ranch located 2 hours from Hunters Hill. We saw Kudu on the 1st night there, but at last light it was hard to see the tips of the horns.

The next morning, the entire mountain side became alive. The mountain Zebra and Gemsbok could be seen feeding. Young Kudu cows and young bulls also came out to feed. Giraffes at the base of the hills with necks swaying from branch to branch.

In the morning be Brought out the spotting scope  and we glassed the mountains looking for the ghosts. On a clear day you can see 200 miles in any direction.

The marvel of Africas hypnotic beauty will stimulate your senses. The vastness of the valleys and the majesty of the mountains invigorates you to the core. At dawn you will realize that its a special place and the fellowship of the hunt as drawn you to travel 12,000 miles for the experience!

PH Jason drove the Land Cruiser to the back side of the mountain to a cliff overlooking a catch basin watering hole. That is were we bumped a small heard of Kudu. My trophy bull was in a small herd of seven. At 200 yards, the shot was not very far but it was a challenge.  They were trotting away at a brisk pace maneuvering through thick trees. I only had a small window between the brush to take a shot.

It took 3 shots to close the deal and harvest my amazing trophy bull Kudu. The first shot slowed him down, the second shot anchored him and the 3rd shot, lights out! We enjoyed him for dinner 2 nights later. The rest of the animal was shared with the camp staff and their family.

(It should be duly noted that no part of these animals went to waste. Any remaining meat was sold in local market as legal game meat. The trimmings and parts not fit for human consumption was fed to the resident lion pride held as pets of the land owner.)

**Kudu Tongue with a sweet mustard sauce!

In conclusion

Overall the 300 Weatherby deserves the reputation that it has garnered over the years. Not surprisingly, the 300 Weatherby is Weatherby’s most popular caliber. I enjoy shooting it and have come to love its performance on large bodied game animals. My Weatherby is now “Africa certified” and ready for our next hunting adventure!

Hunters are adventures. They travel to distant lands in search of adventure with a passion for wild things and the wild places they live.

I want to thank my good friend “Empty Clip” for taking the leap of faith and trusting me with the planning of our African adventure. It was a blast and changed the way we see the world of hunting and camaraderie among hunters/friends! It was 100%!


Langosta- 45

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Tuna Fishing Trip June 2021

18 brave men & women boarded the Pacific Voyage from Seaforth Landing, San Diego for a high sea fishing adventure south of the border. We returned with many Bluefin Tuna & Yellowtail. All good eating. The largest fish caught was 140+ lbs and took well over an hour to land, then 3 deck hands to lift into the boat. Fun trip! Time well spent.

Thanks to John of for the prize reels!
Biggest Bluefin tuna estimated at 140 lbs or more

Club Event- Steak and Beans Dinner 2021

It has been a year of lock downs and disruption due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. After many Dark’ nights distinguished members of the Redondo Rod and Gun Club meet up at the club house for a Steak Dinner.

President Blank Page

Members are in good spirits has the meeting was called to order by President Blank Page on March 25, 2021 at 8:00pm.

Look through some of the happy faces with full bellies. On the menu was Costco Ribeyes, beans and potato salad! Enjoy the pictures!

Cast Away and the trouble makers!

Table full of trouble makers

Andre is a happy man, no one goes hungry at our events. Members have an opportunity to catch up and socialize.

Rooster Happy to have you back

Claim Jumper
Treasurer Speak Easy
Blind Spot and Empty Clip

It was a well attended event full of good cheer and great stories. More events to come.

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Fishing Private Charter Pacific Voyager

This was a private charter out of San Diego, CA. Anglers were in search of Blue Fin Tuna, Yellowtail and Yellowfin Tuna. Anglers showed up with a tackle arsenal    ready for Bear. 

Fishing destination- Mexican waters by Coronado Island


Members Present













The most memorable event was when Club member tossed his rod in the water during the frenzy of a “bite” that lasted over 40 minutes. Miraculously, the rod was recovered by a deckhand. Later we learned that this was the 3 time the same rod was tossed in the water. Perhaps Boomerang would have been a better club nickname. 

Subsequently, there was a trial and Name Given. For club members without a name, take comfort in knowing that your name will always be gifted in good humor and has to be tied to a really funny screw up! 

Many members limited out on Yellowtail and a few nice sized bluefin tuna stained the decks bloody. The trip was a great success since we did a lot of catching which is more fun than fishing! lol

The catch was broken down into delicious sashimi over the next 24 hours with much of it being enjoyed with family and friends. Below are some progress pictures of the fish being processed at home. 

The trip was so much fun, we are looking to book it on our yearly calendar of events. If you want to learn more about the Redondo Rod and Gun Club, please email us. 

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-Langosta, Historian

Redondo Rod and Gun Club: 1st Annual Rabbit Derby

Rabbit hunt by legal take method allowed- rifle or shotgun. Lead free ammo. Game in season Jack Rabbit. A general Hunting license will be required.

 It was a good turn out with the following Hunters participating:
Claim jumper

Every camping trip holds the potential of a great meal around a roaring fire.   This year was no exception, deer and beef Birria Soup, Garlic Shrimp, Antelope Burgers, Elk Steak wrapped in bacon and dutch oven Veggies!


Vic and Chuck shovel out some hot coals for- “Southern Comfort” during a chilly night! 



Hunting destination on public lands of Carizzo Plain. Hunters traveled by car and dry camped on Bureau of Land Management. Trip for most members was about 4 hours of travel from the clubhouse. The weather was mild and everyone was up for some adventure in the great outdoors!

Winner of the 1st Annual Rabbit Derby is Fowl. He won by a massive margin of 1 too Zero. That’s right Fowl was the only hunter that harvested a Rabbit. Congratulate Fowl next time you see him and offer to buy him a beverage!

It was a great trip with many laughs and fun filled memories with friends. Hunting is about adventure and experiencing the beauty and ruggedness of the great outdoors. Remember, bring a young person with you on your next adventure. The spirit of conservation and hunting is how our traditions live on. If you want to learn more about hunting and fishing contact us by email. We will continue with our weekly meetings on Thursdays once COVID lock downs end. 

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