California Hunting- Hunting Bear, Dear and Quail on Public Land

When you think about a hunting destination you think about Colorado Elk, White  Tail deer in Texas or the mountains of Pennsylvania. Truth is that California offers some awesome hunting. The destinations will take you to the Coastal mountains of Santa Catalina Island to the dark timber of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

California Deer Hunting Map

If you live in the Los Angeles Basin, day hunting trips are possible if you know where to go.

Vally of Los Padres national forest

In the valleys and rolling hills on the back side of Mount Pinos National Forrest hunters can find a plethora of game animals. I event better yet you can hunt several species during the same hunting season!

The area in I am referencing is known as D-13 for deer season. It covers Alamo mountain and the surrounding base valleys in the los padres national forest. From mid October through the first week of November, three popular hunting species are simultainouly in open season: Deer, Bear and quail.

It turns out that these species are also present in the same game area. The game area ranges in elevation of 4100 feet in the valleys and rolling hills and up in snow line at the top of Alamo mountain at 7300 feet at it peak.

Deer and Bear are often seen in the open parks browsing on grasses and roughage. Bears are both in the valleys and mountains. We geared up in the quads and trucks and headed to the forest in search of bear or deer sign.



I got the opportunity to sport my new RRGC hat. I was very high VIZ and comfortable all day! Thanks Defrost for the cool hats!


Club membersvisited the area in search of all 3 of these game species. “Phish” “Broken Arrow” and Ziva the “hunting dog,” went looking for birds in the valleys. It turns out that they ran in to some covey and the dog did hunt!

From the accounts of “Empty Clip,” the dog bumped every bird on the hillside, the only problem is that she was 400 yards ahead of the hunters. Looks like, “no-hunt” may not be a lap dog after all she just needs more training. Its good news!

“Broken Arrow” claimed ridge line and skillet shot 3 quail in one shot! The unfortunate thing is that they tumbled down the hillside and as his bird dog, I retrieved them for him.

“Claim Jumper” and I glassed from a top of a ridge. The views were amazing but not much was moving so we road our quads to check on a game camera.

When we got the game camera, this is what we found!

It was a quick weekend outing in the local mountains. Proof positive that fun and adventure is only a few hours away. Get out there and experience the great outdoors!

Members present
Phish, Empty Clip, Langosta, Broken Arrow, Claim Jumper.

Animals harvested:

Quail 7, 2 rabbits and that’s all folks!


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