Redondo Rod and Gun Club: 1st Annual Rabbit Derby

Rabbit hunt by legal take method allowed- rifle or shotgun. Lead free ammo. Game in season Jack Rabbit. A general Hunting license will be required.

 It was a good turn out with the following Hunters participating:
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Every camping trip holds the potential of a great meal around a roaring fire.   This year was no exception, deer and beef Birria Soup, Garlic Shrimp, Antelope Burgers, Elk Steak wrapped in bacon and dutch oven Veggies!


Vic and Chuck shovel out some hot coals for- “Southern Comfort” during a chilly night! 



Hunting destination on public lands of Carizzo Plain. Hunters traveled by car and dry camped on Bureau of Land Management. Trip for most members was about 4 hours of travel from the clubhouse. The weather was mild and everyone was up for some adventure in the great outdoors!

Winner of the 1st Annual Rabbit Derby is Fowl. He won by a massive margin of 1 too Zero. That’s right Fowl was the only hunter that harvested a Rabbit. Congratulate Fowl next time you see him and offer to buy him a beverage!

It was a great trip with many laughs and fun filled memories with friends. Hunting is about adventure and experiencing the beauty and ruggedness of the great outdoors. Remember, bring a young person with you on your next adventure. The spirit of conservation and hunting is how our traditions live on. If you want to learn more about hunting and fishing contact us by email. We will continue with our weekly meetings on Thursdays once COVID lock downs end. 

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-Langosta, Historian

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